Hello guys, after doing research for months and months and still not being able to decide which platform to use for my courses, I decided to write a blog post about my struggle. Not only will it help you guys, but it will also hopefully help myself to clear my mind and get my thoughts a bit more structured . Maybe you also have some suggestions of what platform would be best.

First off: I am a German teacher. I have used several platforms over the years to teach and to make courses.

I started with Udemy. Not bad at all, but I lost interest, because I had more desire to host courses by myself. Having over 100,000 Youtube subscribers, I knew there would be great interest for my courses, but I didn’t feel that Udemy was the right platform for me anymore. They had changed the platform with a new pricing system and also the way they started to show the videos of courses became very different.

After, I tried to really do it by myself and I failed or rather: I never really, really started. I installed the Theme WPLMS on my wordpress website and hated it. Don’t get me wrong: I bet it’s a good theme, but if you don’t like coding and hate bugs, then it’s probably not good for you either. Creating quizzes was just the worst experience ever, so I quit.

Next, Thinkific and Teachable popped up on my Facebook and I must honestly say: I like them. However there are things which both of them are missing big time.





Nice design, but not as nice as Teachable.

Nice customization of homepage.

VAT (EU Tax)

VAT not handled (only Quaderno)

VAT fully handled by Teachable


Better options in general,

especially for Quizzes (Audio, images etc)

Very simple quizzes

Upload speed

Upload speed faster

Upload slower


Very nice support guys

Also nice, but they take much longer to respond

The major drawback of Thinkific is: They don’t handle VAT for you. And if you know about European VAT then you know it is a pain in the a**. They have an option to integrate qith Quaderno, but honestly: They just handle your bills but don’t pay the VAT to the EU authorities AND they even charge extra for this service. So on top of the cost of Thinkific, you will have to pay for Quaderno.

​The Major drawback of Teachable is: They don’t have lots of options in general, not for the quizzes, not about how to present your content. Below you find a few screenshot of both.

Teachable upload time

Teachable upload time

Thinkific upload time

Quiz Options Teachable

Quiz Options Teachable

Quiz Options Thinkific

Quiz Options Thinkific

I wish I could give you a solution if you are also contemplating which platform is best for your courses. So far, I am still not sure what to use. The perfect option is not out there. Please let me know if you find a great solution, until then: Let’s keep looking and bombarding Teachable and Thinkific with requests. 😉